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Mr Abhishek Kumar

Research Scholar Areas of Interest / Specialization : Educational N... View Profile

Mr Ishfaq Majid

Research Fellow Expertise in ICT in Education, E-Learning, E-learn... View Profile

Ms Shazia Kouser

Research Fellow ICT in Education, ICT Application, Social Media, A... View Profile

Prof H. B Patel

Professor Educational Research, Educational Leadership, Admi... View Profile

Prof Rakesh Rai

Professor Education and Research... View Profile

Dr Y. Vijaya Lakshmi

Assistant Professor Teacher Education, Elementary Education, ICT, Educ... View Profile

Dr Shamim Aara Hussain

Assistant Professor Educational Psychology, Educational Research and S... View Profile

Dr Shilpa S Popat

Assistant Professor Educational evaluation and measurement, ICT in Edu... View Profile

Dr Shankar Lal Bika

Assistant Professor Area of Specialization are:- Special Education, Te... View Profile

Dr Jay Prakash Singh

Assistant Professor Education Research... View Profile